We're restoring nature at planetary scale.

Earthshot brings together investors, carbon buyers, and land stewards in an AI powered platform to finance ecological restoration projects that are equitable for local communities.
what is earthshot

We founded Earthshot to restore humanity’s relationship with nature.

We are regenerating land for the love of nature and for the people who steward land.
science + technology

We develop software to make financing just, holistic, and scalable ecosystem restoration possible.

Our LandOS platform provides state of the art AI ecological forecasting, financial modeling and risk assessment for investors and land stewards.
Standards + Equity

We set the highest standards for our forest projects.

We strive to increase the health and vitality of ecosystems for climate impact while providing financial equitability for indigenous peoples.

Ecological Simulation

Earthshot has a world class team of quantitative ecologists and machine learning experts creating a state of the art ecological forecasting system for biomass and nature risk assessment.


Forest growth, drawdown forecasts, risk and financial analysis. Our platform informs and inspires land stewards with the crucial information to form investible nature-based carbon projects and get them financed.


An easy to use mobile app that combines computer vision and AR to measure trees 10X faster with no human error. Streamlines tree inventory work for improved biomass calculations and project MRV.

We support forestation projects in tropical forest and mangrove ecosystems.

Our just partnership model works on behalf of land stewards to get the strongest investment terms for their project, ensuring indigenous peoples and local communities receive the funds they deserve.

We connect investors to the highest quality projects in the world.

We have a growing pipeline of premier carbon-financed nature projects seeking upfront finance for implementation and certification.

Our operations team works with a range of experienced partners on the ground.
Partner with us

We provide the technical expertise to move carbon projects forward.

Carbon Projections
Accurate estimates of carbon outcomes incorporating implementing and natural risks.
Build robust financial model, assess investment structures and secure upfront finance.
Assess carbon rights compliance with national and international regulatory structures.
Assess project compliance with third party standards.
Forest restoration (ARR) projections
Forest protection (REDD) projections
Regulatory Compliance
Community Engagement
Cost Modeling
Implementation Risk Analysis
Assessing investment structures
Implementing guidance
Securing upfront finance
Community benefits
Biodiversity benefits
Hydrological benefits
The Earthshot

Our mission is to restore nature on a planetary scale, by financing equitable ecological restoration projects at the speed and scale that the climate crisis demands.

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The earth is in severe ecological deficit and is facing multiple ecological collapses.

Climate change, biodiversity loss, water and food crises... It will require a massive joint effort across the whole planet to reverse these changes and return humanity to a state of balance with the rest of nature.
A key part of this effort is to shift our land use so that 50% of the earth’s land surface consists of protected natural ecosystems.

This is the global Earthshot, a shift that will require many efforts worldwide both similar and different to those at our organization......along with a deeper internal shift for humanity whereby we value nature at the center of our civilization and economy.
Our human destiny is inextricably linked to the actions of all other living things. Respecting this principle is the fundamental challenge in changing the nature of business.

— Paul Hawken, Earthshot Advisor