Restoring nature at planetary scale

Earthshot is a platform for developing and financing nature-based carbon projects. We 're bringing scientific rigor to carbon markets, supporting land stewards, and making nature an investable asset class.
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We provide tech-enabled carbon development and cutting-edge scientific predictive analytics to support every stage of a carbon project

Scoping Reports &  Recommendations

Understand potential project areas and their viability. Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Study Reports for REDD+, ARR and IFM.

Project Design, Certification, & Monitoring

Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Study Reports for REDD+, ARR and IFM.

Insetting Program Design & Implementation

Customized strategic carbon accounting advisory for supply chain, review and enhance monitoring and evaluation strategy for third-party verification, design strategic roadmap for remote sensing study to identify high-potential land area for insetting pilots.

Project Finance

State-of-the-art ecosystem analytics enhance risk and return assessment, rigorous data-driven diligence, LandOS streamlines project development, tripling deal flow efficiency.
Science & Technology

Earthshot brings carbon project development, verification, and investment into one platform

Ecological Science

We leverage state of the art carbon forecasting for biomass growth and natural risk assessment to better understand the effects of different restoration strategies and risk factors that could affect their outcomes.
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Forest growth, drawdown forecasts, risk and financial analysis. Our platform informs and inspires land stewards with the crucial information to form investible nature-based carbon projects and get them financed.
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what is earthshot

Earthshot exists to restore humanity’s relationship with nature

Our mission is to scale reforestation and conservation globally to a level that meets the challenge of the ecological and climate crises.
Our Mission
Our human destiny is inextricably linked to the actions of all other living things. Respecting this principle is the fundamental challenge in changing the nature of business.

— Paul Hawken, Earthshot Advisor
The Earthshot

The climate crisis demands that we finance ecological restoration on a planetary level

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The earth is in severe ecological deficit and is facing multiple ecological collapses.

Climate change, biodiversity loss, water and food crises... It will require a massive joint effort across the whole planet to reverse these changes and return humanity to a state of balance with the rest of nature.
A key part of this effort is to shift our land use so that 50% of the earth’s land surface consists of protected natural ecosystems.

This is the global Earthshot, a shift that will require many efforts worldwide both similar and different to those at our organization......along with a deeper internal shift for humanity whereby we value nature at the center of our civilization and economy.

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