Earthday 2022

We need visionary courage to restore the Earth.

Earthday 2022

On Earth Day, April 22nd, 2022, our message is to persevere. Never give up.

Intention is a powerful force. It guides our decision-making, expresses our values, and is something we can be held accountable to.

At Earthshot, we believe in emergence. Serendipitous social connections, convergent insights and conclusions drawn by multiple people in different locations, and chance meetings that propel us forward.

We intend to rapidly accelerate the scale and pace of ecosystem restoration by bringing as much funding to the people doing ecological restoration work as we can.

We are willing to work with anyone we can forge an ethical partnership with. We do not know exactly how our vision will unfold. We, like everyone, are in the unknown.

We will make mistakes. We will correct and learn from them. We may utterly fail. That is the point. With grit, grace, and determination, we’ll channel our best efforts to get this done.

We have chosen to work as a team to serve a larger vision: planetary-scale regeneration.

It will require courage to make this visionary outcome a reality. We believe we can do it. Just as we believe humanity can pull through this developmental threshold of crisis to encompass new worldviews, systems, industries, and relationships.

We are just one team in what must be the most significant transformative movement in human history. We are relying on the brilliant innovation, moral courage, and emergent properties of people around the world doing things never done before.

Please don’t give up. These times call for courage and action. You never know what transformative change yours will make possible. No sincere effort is a waste. On Earth Day, April 22nd, 2022, our message is to persevere. Never give up.
Keep fighting. Keep imagining. Keep going.

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