A modern app for tree inventories.

There is no substitute for the data that can only be collected on the ground.

Remote sensing is a powerful tool, but tree size, species, and individual distribution have to be captured by humans at ground level.

We’re building an innovative tree inventory app to power data collection for biomass estimates, digital monitoring of our forest projects, and furthering ecology research around the world.
In 2022 Earthshot received a National Science Foundation SBIR grant for this research.

Measure tree diameter with computer vision.

  • Biome uses computer vision to segment tree trunks from the background.
  • Works on odd-shaped trunks, trees with vines, and thorny trees.
  • Measure trunks as small as 5cm diameter.
  • Record multiple measurements from different angles for odd-shaped trees.
  • Record measurements for multi-trunk trees.

Measure tree height using AR.

  • As accurate as a clinometer, but faster and easier.
  • Good visibility in forest environments.

Record Forest Sample Plots using AR.

  • Adjustable plot radius.
  • Save GPS location for center of plot.
  • Mark relative locations of trees in plot. Accurately see and record trees on the boundary line.
  • Works on hilly terrain. Plot boundary is visualized perpendicular to world orientation.

AI-powered tree identification. (coming soon)

The Amazon rainforest has the greatest number of tree species in the world, but these species are often under-represented in published datasets.

We work with local scientists to collect a robust dataset of local tree species to power our ML classification models.