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We help land stewards launch and finance high quality nature-based carbon projects.

Get the strongest investment terms for your project.

Local communities and indigenous peoples are the most impacted by climate change and also are the most under-resourced.

Earthshot makes sure carbon projects are financed on terms that get the most money possible to local communities and implementing partners, ensuring financial sustainability of the project.
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We provide the technical expertise to move carbon projects forward.

Carbon Projections

Accurate estimates of carbon outcomes incorporating implementing and natural risks.


Build robust financial model, assess investment structures and secure upfront finance.


Assess carbon rights compliance with national and international regulatory structures.


Assess project compliance with third party standards.
Forest restoration (ARR) projections
Forest protection (REDD) projections
Regulatory Compliance
Community Engagement
Cost Modeling
Implementation Risk Analysis
Assessing investment structures
Implementing guidance
Securing upfront finance
Community benefits
Biodiversity benefits
Hydrological benefits

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