Charles Eisenstein

Living a New Story of Humanity

“We have to come together and the only way to come together is ultimately through a shared story of what's real, what's sacred, what's important, and who we are.” -Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein joins host Troy Carter for a heart-centered and thought-provoking conversation about humanity’s relationship with nature and the role of storytelling in creating our reality. Charles drops many truth bombs as he speaks about the blindspots and limitations of carbon reduction efforts, computer modeling, and economics when it comes to addressing the climate crisis. He also takes listeners deep into the richness of being human as he speaks of joy, grief, loss, love, and the immense beauty of life. This discussion is truly a journey that will leave you feeling empowered as a co-author of humanity’s emerging new story of a harmonious and reciprocal relationship with the Earth.


  • Charles’ inspiration for writing Climate: A New Story
  • How efforts to reduce carbon in the atmosphere can be harmful when carried out with the wrong intentions
  • The importance and meaning of recognizing the Earth as a living organism
  • The role of whales in creating a stable climate
  • The difficulty of capturing life and biodiversity fully with computer modeling and metrics
  • How humans have historically maintained the health and productivity of the land
  • Reciprocal and co-creative love for the Earth and the difficulty of translating this love into policy
  • The challenges to sustainability present in the economic realm
  • The power of storytelling to create a more beautiful future
  • The inseparability of philosophical and spiritual discussion and the discussion of sustainability
  • A sorrowful experience from Charles’ childhood that helped lead him to his current work
  • How injustices in the world that get under your skin are a sacred gift
  • Why each person is a tremendous servant to life no matter what circumstance they may be trapped in and how to help others access this knowing
  • The top four priorities for addressing the climate crisis
  • How grief, joy, beauty, and loss can guide you in knowing how to be of service during these times
  • Why you should never write anyone off
  • The vision of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible


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Charles Eisenstein is a writer, speaker, countercultural philosopher, and the author of several books. His newest book, The Coronation, will be released in the summer of 2022. It is available for pre-order here.

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