Troy Carter, Patrick Leung, & Armando Davila

Introducing the Earthshot Podcast

“In some ways the Earthshot is a return home, it’s a return back to harmony, and back to being in synchrony and in fellowship with the rest of nature.” -Patrick Leung

In this first episode of the Earthshot Podcast, join hosts Troy, Patrick, and Armando as they introduce Earthshot and dive deep into the main themes and philosophies that will guide future episodes. They explore the roles of technology and finance in planetary restoration, how the carbon market can be a transitional tool towards a sustainable economy, the importance of honoring indigenous wisdom, and the big shifts in form and consciousness that we are going through as a humanity. Enjoy this deep yet playful conversation that sets the stage for many rich interviews in the coming episodes.


  • The purpose and philosophy of the Earthshot Podcast
  • The hosts’ journeys to Earthshot
  • How Earthshot changed Armando’s views on the carbon market
  • The crossroads that the carbon market is at and the potential for both positive and negative outcomes
  • What Earthshot is doing to create a positive trajectory for carbon markets
  • What planetary-scale regeneration is and why it’s been so hard to achieve
  • The role of organizations in supporting restoration
  • The importance of approaching restoration from a global perspective
  • Why a successful carbon market isn’t enough if corporations do not reduce emissions as well
  • Why the rising price of carbon will allow for more restoration projects to come to fruition
  • The importance of having fun at work.
  • Why culture is the most important thing for moving past this pivotal moment humanity is facing
  • How the Fountain is bridging indigenous wisdom and ceremony with economic and ecological revitalization and what Earthshot is partnering with them on
  • The importance of rematriation and how the carbon market can support the Landback movement
  • Integrating the sacred with the modern
  • Being explicit about weaving the sacred into Earthshot’s work
  • Shifting from competition and scarcity to cooperation and interconnection
  • Why humanity needs new stories
  • The long journey ahead of us as a humanity and why putting in hard work now can set us up so we don’t run into the same problems again
  • The importance of shifting our consciousness from “me” to “us” and working on behalf of the whole
  • Why capitalism is an objective failure
  • How humanity is wired to respond to imminent crisis
  • The meaning of the name Earthshot


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Troy Carter is a co-founder and CEO at Earthshot. He previously co-founded RIZOME, a pioneer in climate-positive bamboo lumber, and worked in project finance for renewable energy and agriculture projects. He is passionate about restoring human relationship with non-human nature and creating scaled institutions that honor the sacredness of life.

Patrick Leung is the co-founder of Earthshot and oversees science and product development. Formerly Patrick was CTO of Two Sigma Private Investments where he pioneered the application of machine learning and alternative data to private equity and venture funds totalling $4B in AUM. Prior to that Patrick held a number of senior technology leadership positions at Google, including Google Maps, Emerging Markets, and the Google Duplex conversational AI system. At the outset of his career Patrick was the co-founder and SVP Engineering of InterWorld, a pioneering e-commerce software vendor that had an IPO in late 1999. Patrick’s nature inspiration arose from growing up in New Zealand and enjoying the many beaches and forests there. He loved biology as a teenager and was also deeply inspired by the game SimEarth, which was the inspiration for Earthshot’s technology platform. In addition to his role at Earthshot, Patrick is a volunteer, facilitator and organizer of Siddha Maha Yoga, an online shaktipat meditation community. He is also an instructor in classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, as well as an avid barefoot hiker, enthusiastic cook, and intrepid traveler.

Armando Davila is a movement artist, facilitator, political and community organizer, bodyworker and poet. He has spent the majority of his life working in non-profits providing arts and environmental education and running political campaigns pushing for sustainability and justice. A dedicated climate activist and spiritual practitioner Armando pushes us to have visionary courage rooted in the emotional truth of our grief. He asks his community to practice the kind of radical innovations our world needs in our personal and professional lives. His career is in service to weaving a process of collective healing for a sustained recovery of humanity and the biosphere. He is head of communications at Earthshot.

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