Restoring Azuero’s Ecological Corridor

Transforming landscapes and livelihoods in Panama
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The Azuero Peninsula  is under stress

Decades of deforestation have led to drought, biodiversity loss, and economic hardship—all magnified by climate change. Today, less than 23% of the Azuero’s forests remain.

Eric Domínguez has seen the effects of deforestation firsthand

Ranchers in Cañas were unaware of the effect their livelihood directly had on their land—but they still have hope. “Our generation has made a serious mistake, but we still have time to correct it.”

And the story doesn't end there.

The cattle ranchers of the Azuero are ready to bring the forests back. "More than anything, we need to reforest the existing watersheds on our lands," Dom Eric told us, "because if we lose the water, we lose everything."

“Our generation has made a serious mistake, but we still have time to correct it.”

Eric Domínguez Domínguez

Reforesting more than 10,000 hectares

Land stewards are the essential workers of our planet. To support people like Eric Domínguez and other land stewards, we've partnered with  Pro Eco Azuero, a trusted NGO with decades of experience in the region. 

Combining Earthshot's scientific expertise, carbon financing, and a full tech stack with Pro Eco Azuero's network of land stewards and on the ground expertise, together we’re restoring a critical biological corridor more than 120 km in length, covering nearly 25,000 hectares.

Big impact


Total nurseries, 

3 run by Earthshot


Permanent jobs created in the next 5 years


Hectares reforested over 30 years


Saplings planted in the next 5 years


after a 20% buffer


Native tree species


Local communities engaged


Total anticipated carbon credits over 30 years

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Only the highest quality carbon projects

Highest Standards

We’re focused not just on sequestering carbon, but on restoring humanity’s relationship with nature.

Acclaimed Science Team

Our team is made up of some of the best in their fields, holding 7 total PHDs and dozens of published papers.

Truly Equitable

We strive to increase the health and vitality of ecosystems for climate impact while providing financial equitability for indigenous peoples.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our LandOS platform provides state of the art AI ecological forecasting, financial modeling and risk assessment for investors and land stewards.
Expert Leadership
With over 20 years of experience, Andrew Coates leads our Panama team.

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Project timeline

Jan-May 2022
  • 200,000 seeds collected, germinated, and grown into saplings
June-Nov 2022
  • 110,000 saplings planted to <35 cm
  • 80,000 existing saplings cleaned and protected
  • Each sapling planted or cleaned will be visited 2-3 three times over the next year and every year to maintain a 75% survival rate
  • 4,000,000 saplings produced
  • 300 permanent jobs created in years 1-5 and c. 160 from years 5-10
  • 10,000+ Ha of former farmland restored and providing an income for farmers for the next 30 years

Going far beyond carbon sequestration

Improving livelihoods and restoring ecosystems

With the financial support this project provides, farmers like Eric Domínguez are incentivized to participate in a unique nature-based economy and enhance biodiversity conservation throughout the region.
Planting climate-resilient native species
Creating jobs and increasing salaries
Supporting local communities
Protecting biodiversity

Protecting Azuero’s vibrant and endangered species

The Azuero Ecological Corridor harbors species that do not exist anywhere else in the world, including the Azuero Spider Monkey (pictured).

The Park is also home to jaguars, howler monkeys, the endangered Green Macaw, and the Azuero Parakeet, a species endemic to the park.

A low risk investment

$27 million dollars in desired up-front financing

Dollar-based funding

This project is funded in US Dollars, avoiding any tricky, transcational issues when dealing in other currencies.

Stable government

Panama has a popularly elected, representative system of government, promising more economic stability.

Fast growth rate

We’re planting hardy native trees with fast growth rates, ensuring a quick return on carbon sequestration.


Located within the tropical equator, the Azuero area provides stable growing conditions for saplings.
very high


Project activities, including reforestation and assisted natural regeneration, will not generate any financial benefits and could not be implemented without the revenues from the carbon market. This project will be the first of its kind.


The project will monitor and quantify leakage during the project lifetime and will implement leakage mitigation activities if needed.


Fire, pests and extreme weather events are moderate to low and project activities will be implemented to lower any potential risks.

Invest in Azuero,
invest in the planet

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